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Please support full-screen playback on iPhone X

It’s been a year, and now with iPhone X(S) Max it’s even more necessary.


Netflix , can y’all please put my gf show Back on “ Quantico “ cause She not finna be cussin me out 🙄🙄🙄 thank you Sincerely- alyssa

Not compatible with older ipad

Disappointed I no longer can use the Netflix app due to nonsupport of older versions.

One of my Favorite Apps

This app gets used aplenty. I’d like to see TV app support on Apple TV. In addition I would like my ‘Continue watching’ episodes made more accessible in the Netflix app itself-too many times it’s buried when I try to resume watching the most recent episode of whatever show I’m watching. This should ALWAYS be a top menu item or screen selection but sadly it’s not.


I love the app but it is CERY FRUSTRATING how EVERYTIME you go out of the app and then back in it you start over at the home screen rather than it just pausing the show and being on the show when u go back in the app

lagging when tv connected

I’m using HDMI-Lightning cable and it’s awesome that it supports screen-out with iphone locked. But it’s lagging. It seems there’s a delay with encoding clips and send it again to an external monitor. I’d rather prefer to turn on my screen and mirror it if this continues. Except the fact that I’ve got no choice.

Latest update broke the user experience

Pls return to previous version. Latest version is broken!

Post new shows

You should post my id is gangman style

Voiceover is broken on the tvOS side

I hope someone will take the time and read this review very very carefully. I am a user of voiceover on the AppleTV and Netflix. When I show is played in 5.1 surround sound, I noticed that the split screen option no longer works. What I mean is this, if one episode of a show is going off while the credits are rolling, in the top left corner, on the bottom right corner, you would see the next episode, it’s synopsis, and what it is about. Voiceover used to work with this very very well. It no longer works at all. I have tried to contact customer service for almost 2 years and have complained about this problem. It sounds like to me in my personal opinion, that you want to lose customers. If I’m wrong, then please prove me wrong by fixing this feature. I have contacted Apple and have gone through the necessary steps to talk to them in Apple accessibility hotline. Now, the ball is in your court. Please fix voiceover on the Apple TV and your app so that they will work without any problems.

Just a few requests

Works really well. I’d just like a little more variety. I know, I know, there are hundreds of videos, but mostly ones I’ve never heard of. One show that I want most of all is Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. Seriously underrated, but so good for the time it was on. I’d also love some throwback Disney shows, like Kim Possible or Phil of the Future. Other than more variety on a few fronts, it’s pretty good.


“The Good Cop” is the shittiest show i have ever watched in my life. It doesn’t even deserve a lengthy explanation why. I just felt it was my duty as a decent person to make sure no one has to endure what I endured ever again. Do not watch it. Please.


Love it but they NEED to bring back HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER then I’ll give it five stars

Can't re-download

I can no longer download it... Please fix this issue!(iPad)

Family guy?

YouTube be down and I ain’t got nothing to watch so I come to Netflix to watch family guy and welp they don’t have it

It’s great app amazing but......

Wish it was free😭😫


Hi 😂

Netflix...Is My Life!

Thank You For Making This App. I Have Netflix On My Tv But It Doesn’t Work At Times. So This App Really Helps!! There Are A Lot Of shows Now! Last time I Was On This App I Could Barely Find a Movie That Was Suitable For Me! Now Netflix Has, Tv Shows,Movies Most Of Us Hasn’t Watched, And Many More!!! Although There Is A Slight Problem. It’s Only A Tiny Bug. You see, The Issue Is That No matter How Hard I Press On The Movie It Won’t Let Me Watch It. Either It’s Glitching Or Something Else. Another Thing Is The Screen Freezes And I Cant Fix It. Please Fix These Two Small Bugs And I’ll Be Happy As Ever! Thank You! 😱😱😱😄😄😄❤️😁😁

It messed up my phone just cuz I didn’t pay

Ever since I got the free trial and it went by I had payed it and I did and now that I don’t use keeps asking me to pay and if I don’t I can download any app or update my apps because of Netflix

Netflix is Amazing This is Awesome!

Omg So many things to choose and if you want to watch a movie and you can’t go to Netflix! ✌🏻


Better than YouTube. YouTube is trash at the moment so I’m sooooo happy I have Netflix to cheer me up. 🤗🤗🤗

How good it is!

You will love it!!!


every show is blurry.. have perfect service, still blurry, on WiFi still blurry. Re downloaded it 5 times still same problem.. finally deleted the app.

Rip White Collar

Add it back or I’m suing your house.


Shows or movies that have trailers or sneak peaks or extra clips don’t leave from you’re continue watching but all in all 5 star app.

i can’t find the season



I LOVE Netflix!!!! But it’s frustrating that I can’t watch my favorite show offline. Why can’t I download it? I’m pretty sure that there are other ones too. I love Once Upon A Time and I can’t download to watch it on a plane or in the car without WiFi.

no summaries?!

i think the app is wonderful, has everything to my liking, but there are no summaries of any shows or movies or documentaries. i really liked being able to know what the show was about instead of seeing what categories of what the movie is in.

Plz put this on

Can you please put beyblade burst evolution on please I am saying this for all beyblade burst lovers I just finished beyblade burst and i really like the show and I really want to see beyblade burst evolution please consider putting it on

Danny Phantom

Y’all need to put Danny Phantom on Netflix

When is season 2 of Dynasty coming out?

I looked up when season 2 is coming out and it said Oct 12, IT’S OCT 16 AND IT’S STILL NOT OUT!!!

Continue watching list

I can’t get the movies I’ve watched already deleted in my continue watching list. I’ve tried over and over for a long time. 🙁. Otherwise, it works great. It would just be really nice to have all those removed that I’ve already watch.

Sort of good

I think the availability of good movies has dramatically decreased. When I first got Netflix there seemed to be a few good shows to watch. Now, hardly anything. And what’s more there seems to be many foreign movies. I’m very disappointed. But I have hopes that it will improve maybe with better management.

Add a forward button

I like the app very much. I watch all the movies and tv shows on my mobile. When i observe there is no forward button where as in android app we have one forward button. Try to add that in ios app as well. It will make mobile as more user friendly. I hope your developer team will look into this.

Is there a Netflix hat?


Plz just one add in....

i LOVEEEEEE netflix and this is honestly better than youtube tbh. but i can’t watch 2 of my favorite anime’s bc netflix don’t have it. It’s called “Wolf Children” and “Dragon Ball Super” those are my fav anime's. can you plzzzzz plzz plzzzz add these two shows?? PLZZZZZZZX 😕😬🙂

For the developers specifically

While this app is amazing and I have no complaints other than my favorite shows disappearing sometimes, I would like to just ask one thing. When we suggest titles could we possibly get an email back at some point letting us know if it was a possibility or if it just won’t happen so that, you know, we can more so feel like our suggestions are being looked at and considered.


I am so grateful for Netflix! I was in the hospital for a while last month and it was the only thing that kept me sane! THANK YOU Netflix!! Keep up what ya'll are doing...

You have reached the yearly limit for this video

You have reached the yearly limit for this video?? WTH?!! I sometimes lost connection when downloading and when the download this error will pop up. I haven’t even finish downloading! But I try to be patient and now even videos that I’ve never download before are giving me this message. How can I even go on with my shows on my travel anymore. Fix this stupid bug.


Can you put the Mary Tyler Moore show on it?


Can I have a one month free of services..

I’m not pleased 😠

Will you please fix Netflix? I can’t watch my movies on it!!

I love Netflix

Is there any way that once you start a show or a movie and you’re not interested in it anymore before finishing it, to have a button or an option to remove it from my watch list.

Didn’t open on flight

I rely on downloads on Netflix to entertain me on my many flights. But on the last two, a few days ago, it wouldn’t open. For the return flight, I tried opening it before I left in my hotel room and left it open, but once on the plane it still wouldn’t open. It’s always been so reliable. There was WiFi on the flights but this has never mattered before. Please fix this!


Get rid of all the non-English movies start making movies that are in English or American views there should be filters so I can take out anything that’s not in English please thank you

Auto play

Is there any reason the episodes won’t just automatically play next anymore? Yes I’ve checked my settings and it’s set to auto play on but it’s not doing it anymore. Very frustrating!

What’s the point?

Why include options in the “Suggestions For You” section if I can’t even watch them? I click on them and then it tells me that they’re unavailable in my area. Why even suggest them?

Star ratings and Netflix re-makes

Bring back star ratings. I don’t care what Netflix recommends I watch. I want to see what other people think about a show or movie. Stop butchering anime with poorer quality live action re-makes.



This app is my life

Netflix I am speechless, I LITERALLY LOVE THIS APP. It has all of my favorite shows and movies that I binge watch everyday. But can you PLEASE bring back or put Spongebob Squarepants on there Spongebob is literally my life ❤️ and it would make the app a million times better if you put it on there ❤️ thank you.

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