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Almost there

Love the content, would have given it 5 stars but I have 1 complaint. Why is there no ability to browse by genre on the app? If it doesn’t “guess” that I want a genre then I’m SOL unless I know specifically the show/movie that I want. But that’s why I browse, I don’t know until I see something and go “I think I’ll give this a try”. Please fix this.


Busco las películas por el título y no aparecen , solo relacionadas pero la que quiero no aparece para eso paga uno para ver lo que uno quiera no lo que aparezca

Always because of the updates

Now with the new update sometimes my continue watching tab comes up but 9/10 it never does. Just make it a section u can choose and stop moving it around. Changing the apps appearance just for the sake of changes helps no one. Come on Netflix u should know easier navigation is better.

Just cancelled after many years.

The auto play previews were bad enough. Now they added commercials. Ugh.


I wanted to watch the hole series of Lord of the Ring, but on Netflix is just an movie.


THE BESTTTTT❤️❤️❤️❤️💕love Netflix

App easy to use

Netflix app for iPad & iPhone are easy to use & works very well with Chromecast. TV apps -Netflix Roku app is extremely annoying because each item you select to read about a video preview starts playing & I have found no way to shut it off. Fairly decent size offerings of movies & tv shows. Although the quality of shows offered seems to have gone down in recent years & fewer box office hits as most movies are horror or extremely violent movies even Netflix originals. (Difficult to find movies anywhere these days which are enjoyable as most are too violent or offensive including tv.)

Erro de conexão de rede

Nao consigo mais ver essa bct


Netflix is not working today. Keeps loading and loading taking me to the main screen and it never stops. Please release a new update! Thank you

App design is terrible

I don’t know why you thought this design was good, but it’s not! When I looked for action movies, your filter says that there’s five movies. I know that’s not right. Ugh. Can you stop with side scrolling? Can’t you just have a grid instead of a looooooong line of titles? You make it so hard to find stuff. If this isn’t fixed in the next update, I’m breaking up with you.

Pls pls add this!!

Okay, I love Netflix just as much as everyone else, but I really wish I could take things off of my continue watching list! I often watch the first couple episodes of a tv show to see if I like it, but if I don’t like it, i don’t want it to be shoved in my face all the time. Please just have an option to take it off.


Very great app until they stated they were going to be adding Ads to series binges.

What the heck!

We loved Netflix, used it daily and now we can’t anymore cause anytime we try to access it a big red ring pops up and it completely freezes up regardless of what we use, tv, smart device. With the tv we have to unplug everything even the router and it takes bout an hour after that to clear, on smart devices we had to uninstall it cause it kept freezing!

Meteor garden

What night does these news episodes come on


I have 0 complaints. Works on my iPhone , Roku , and PS4 ! Only thing I’d complain about (not the APP just Netflix in general) sTOP ASKING ME IF IM STILL WATCHING !!!!

Auto lock

Anytime I’m watching something the screen dims and then my phone locks. Need to fix this

Crashing problems

When I took a look at my notifications it crashed so I ignored it and just thought it was something else so I tried watching something and it crashed so I deleted the app and reinstalled it and I tried watching the fosters and it crashed again ...

Ehh not too bad

Well more movies would be good

You should add

I think you should add more miraculous episodes

Sign up

Why is Netflix not letting me sign up it say creat account so I put my email and password and then it say incorrect password tap to reset ur pass so I press and I put my phone number and it’s not sending

Bring Back the Star Rating System and other suggestions

1) thumbs up or thumbs down is way too limited for me to rate. sometimes I can tolerate and like a movie/show but I wouldn’t watch it again or recommend it to anyone. How can I express that with only a thumbs up or down? 2) suggestion for during viewing is to add a skip 10 seconds ahead button and bring back the volume bar. it’s annoying having to press the physical volume buttons on the side of my phone and have the adjustment menu blocking the entire screen. 3) I feel like I keep seeing the same suggestions over and over again. I wish y’all would stop shoving these Netflix Original shows down our throats. Most aren’t even Netflix “Originals.” it’s confusing to see that on the title image because other people have worked so hard on that show and y’all just try to take the credit for it. “Netflix Exclusive” would be better than “Netflix Original.” 4) this dvd thing is bs. I keep debating on whether or not I want to just cancel my Netflix subscription already because there’s nothing I want to watch on there anymore. The ones I do wanna watch have been changed to some bs dvd subscription that costs extra and takes 2 days to arrive. like, tf? I wanted to binge watch that show right then and there, not two days later and be limited to a certain number of dvd’s I’m allowed to rent.

Love it but....

Hey!! I was wanting to tell you guyz you did an amazing job on this app but it could do some work! You guys post the next season of a show like 1 year at a time and it gets quite annoying! But i was wondering why you stoped some of your guyses shows thats neflix only like wakfu... and i get sad waiting for them... i wish you could do much better! I love neflix but it also make me sad sometimes and even angry! But i know you guyz or working hard but you did nothing about this in your last few updates, your shows inspire me! Like Nailed it, it got me cooking! Or Wakfu it got me up and not such a scary cat!! Lol but yea i would like to finish my shows but not just every year! I want to atleast every month or so as long as its not every 1-2 YEARS So yea sorry if this is a lot to do but it would mean a lot to MANY people! Well thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much if you do!! Bye now!! (P.S. PLEASSSSSEEEE bring back wakfu! There is only 3-4 seasons!!!! 😭😭😭! Even if its 1-2 episodes a week i will be happy!! Including my friends and family that watch it!! Thank you thank you thank you if you dooooo!!! If you did, i would give you 10000 stars if i could but right now i’ll stick with 4!) Bye for real now!😋

It’s good

The movie selection is AMAZING but there are some movies that could be on there plus the low selections kids have.

Title summary on mobile devices

With the new updates why can’t I see the summary of what the show/movie is about? I can see it on my tv but not on my phone and it’s super annoying when I want to see if I’ll like something or not!! Overall everything else is perfect :)

Scooby dooby doooo!!

When i was little i used to watch cartoon network all the time! Something reminded me of that recently when i went to go see the movie incredibles 2 and i noticed that dash was watching one of my favorite shows from when i was younger. I recognised the show but didnt know what it was called. So i kept researching and I finally found it! So Can you please put "scooby do, where are you!" The show, and "scooby doo mystery incorporated" the other scooby show back on netflix. And "jonny quest". If you cant get jonny quest then please try to get the scooby doo shows Thank you for always excepting requeasts that help make netflix better and better!!

Love it but...

It needs more anime!

No ads

No ads please or they will stop being netflitx


The videos not pausing when pressing home to exit the app is annoying. I called Netflix and was told it’s just the way it is now. Well, Netflix, you need to change this back to how it was.


I would have normally given Netflix 5 star ratings but I’m quite annoyed with it lately. I like scrolling through movies and shows and finding one I want to watch later but now I can’t see what one is about without watching a trailer which really bothers me because I honestly like reading descriptions of movies and this makes me waste my time googling the movie. Please bring it back!!!

Deletion of viewer reviews

It is complete crap that they removed their review system and deleted the user reviews.

I need help

My Netflix got disabled because it was in need of a upgrade. Even after I updated it it still says it’s disabled and I need to update

Not working at all

I updated today and now am stuck in an infinite loop. I open the app and get a screen that says “This app version has been disabled. Update.” I click on the update button which takes me to the App Store where it says OPEN next to the Netflix app, since I had already updated earlier. Once in the app, I try to click on a profile and it says “This app version has been disabled. Update.” Round and round we go. It was working fine this morning. Netflix, what have you done??


Dear Netflix, I would like to start off by saying why did you take off teen wolf off Netflix but in DR 🇩🇴 you still have it on how is that fair. If you are gonna take off a show u should take it off every where when u have the time please reply back and I would like to talk about this.

Teen wolf

Why would you take Teen Wolf off of Nexflix but in Dominican Republic it’s still there. Put the show back on Netflix it’s one of the best ones out there

Hate it- starts playing immediately. Stupid

And support is so stupid- they play ignorant like somebody else is doing it to Netflix. Boo boo! NO OTHER CHANNELS ON THE ROKU does the play as you just look. There are lots more fish in the sea & we are ditching it. So tired of their lies & them ignoring feedback. Leaving Netflix.

Doesn’t work on my tv since the update

My Netflix no longer work on my TV SINCE THE LATEST UPDATE !!!

black screens

i really love netflix but there is one thing. when i watch there are sudden black screens between video clips while the audio is still running.... please fix.

netflix would be better if...

i feel as though netflix would be A LOt better if you didn’t take of the adult animated cartoons we love and replace them with trash, also if the scary movies were actually scary and if when we were don’t with a movie we can write review about how it was and what part was the best. So netflix i hope you take this review and look over it very deeply and try to improve your 3.5 rating and step it up or i might just switch to hulu 😉 - in best regards Charli

Medium service

I usually don’t complain or have a problem but now that the company has put new movies and shows on the app it hasn’t been working. When I try on the tv to find it I can’t find the show or the movie, when I press the movie or show it tells me “The title is not available to watch in your area” It would be nice to watch everything that you advertise. Like how I said before I don’t have problems with the app but please fix the bug.

Too slow

The app worked fine before the last update. But since then it takes a lot of time to load the main page, and I’m talking about 2-3 minutes. Then to load descriptions of a a movie it also takes lot of time.


You guys keep taking a lot of the good movies off.

Problem in quality

The downloaded video does not hit the quality of the video as it is while watching live. Note the high quality settings were run.

Volume indicator

When adjusting the volume it would be great to have a smaller volume indicator at the top or bottom of the screen instead of using the huge standard iOS indicator in the middle of the screen.


Everything’s good about Netflix, the new update is just dumb. It’s suggests to watch another show right after watching every episode and it’s annoying

Recommended? YES.

Your flight has been delayed and your stuck in the airport. Bored and with nothing to do, this app is a lifesaver. This app offers all different types of shows and movies, all available on your mobile device. I love that I can, in a way, bring my TV with me in my pocket. I have never ran into a glitch or bug, everything runs smoothly, and, best of all, they give you a variety of cool pictures for your account photo. If you are concerned parent wondering if you can let your kid have this app, don’t worry! You can always put on the restrictions, which limits the content that your child watches on Netflix. Also, don’t forget this: You can only download episodes of shows/movies when you are on WiFi. But I definitely recommend this app for people of all ages! 😄😁🙂

“30 sec suggestions”

This whole commercial break in between episodes, is hot garbage. If I’m interested in it, I’ll watch it the show without it being forced down my throat. A new trailer I have to skip every time because I’m never going to watch the material, is completely against the reason I pay for Netflix. Might as well watch YouTube.... ad free.... for cheaper. I’m sure this is just a stupid set up to pay more for no ads, go figure.


Anyone who doesn’t watch Netflix IS HORRIBLE. Netflix has so many movies and TV shows on it! It’s AWESOME and I could not live without it. Go Netflix!! Am I right?

Really? ADS??!

Netflix, your holding this one star until we know that y’all not going to give us ads.

Peaceful without!

So, thank you Netflix for hiring suspiciously shady political people. Thank you for having the most awful selection. You’ve freed my time! I cancelled my account months ago, and have not regretted it even once since! Binge-freetime is awesome!

I love Netflix... but

Netflix is great. I don’t even watch regular cable anymore and I love that it has a channel on fios (838) but when are you guys gonna give us the option to just binge without the “are you still watching” every 3 episodes? Can we please rid that or at least make an option to turn it off?

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