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Télécharger plutôt My Canal!!!

It crashed

It doesnt work at all!


Netflix funktioniert bei mir prima keine bugs kein garnichts



please readd the volume control

the app is decent the german catalogue less so apart from having more choices i would enjoy having the volume control back and a way to skip annoying credit songs. infuse has written an amazing app with very intuitive volume and brightness controls it would be Amazing if you could implement it here as well.

Good bye ...

Nice doing business! I am going to switch to some "other" streaming service which understantds and differenitcates betweek legit / non-legit customers a lot more professionally --thanks to their more talented management / IT team and NO offensive dumb messages when using IPv6 Tunneling services! Ill probably switch back IF someday I hear you guys change your business manners and need my $$ again ... but then when I look at your selections in Caanda except couple of Netflix-Only-Shows ... well ... I would ever send you my hard-earned cash!

Great app

Great app but needs October Sky!

App cant load

Bugs need to be fixed. Not enough support from customer service

Not working

I dont get the cast option and Im connected to the same Internet and the same accounts fix it please

Must have

One of the best apps on my phone and best ADS!!!!!


I am very disappointed in the new update, theres no stranger things in the kids section. they have mean girls and other movies which are horrible for kids, yet they dont have a series that kids should know about and watch because the meaning behind it is great!!! I loved Netflix but this update is a piece of crap and Im sure others agree

Poor selection

Great service but the selection of shows (here in Canada anyways) could definitely be upgraded

What bug fix?

I was able to watch with no issue prior to the latest "bug fix" and now I cannot, was the ability to watch what I am paying for a bug? Five stars downgraded 2 stars please fix the fix.

Fix error reporting system.

Make it a button not a movement related function... when error reporting puts up you cannot pause the program you are watching remotely all because my iPad flip over on its side. Extremely annoying an counter intuitive. Why reward people who shake things when they are angry?


Great app no problems


With the latest update I get constant crash pop ups asking me to report each crash. Quite annoying.


This new update is crap. I downloaded the update then tried to enter the app but it wouldnt open, so I deleted and reinstalled it and its still doing the same thing :(


Just as cool as YouTube. Really good show and movie watching app. New shows and movies almost every month makes it better! 5 stars for sure!

Not bad

Not a bad app but the company really has issues with needing to put out constant bug fixes Ive had 3 in the last 4 days. Maybe write one fix that lasts for maybe a week or more, the flurry of fixes just looks like you dont know what your doing as a company.

Not working

The app will not work on my iPad but on my phone and tv. Please fix. Never have had a problem since now, but this is the second time since last week.

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